Where did January go?

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Hello, foodie friends, and welcome back to the kitchen after what was an unintended and long hiatus from writing on my part!  

I know I promised folks who signed up for my website/blog two things 1) 10% off your first kitchen order 2) A promise not to flood your inbox with tons of "From Gina's Kitchen" emails.  I can safely say I lived up to those promises this month! 

I was blessed to gain a few followers and new to the kitchen friends who used that discount to order birthday cakes,  cupcakes and cookies.  January was a busy month in the kitchen, which explains my lack of blog posts.  I never did master the cake pop (see the January 4 post "Lessons Learned on a Snow Day").  I left them at "flops" but my kids enjoyed them anyway.    I had good intentions, but God had better plans for me! 

I thought January was going to slow down and I could catch my breath, tackle boring (yet necessary) paperwork, work on new recipes, and reach out to local businesses about my baked goods.  Well,  here it is, January 31 and I still have paperwork to do, haven't touched any new recipes (since the great cake pop flop) , and visited local businesses in passing to support them, grab a coffee and go (or sit and relax for a minute) before I headed back to the kitchen. 

My month was blessed with birthday cakes, baby showers, cookie platters, and corporate events. I was a food vendor in the "Haymaker STEAM Expo"  (add Arts into STEM and you get STEAM) and met local families excited to try desserts from the new baker gal in town.  It was a great time around the kitchen table!

February is already shaping up to be just as busy in the kitchen.   Valentine's Day,  birthday cakes, graduation desserts, princess parties and a retirement luncheon are already on my calendar.  If you have an event in February, contact me ASAP to place your order. 

I'm still working out some of the kinks on the website, like the pricing and cake sizing features.  I will be looking at those and adjusting as necessary in the coming months.  I'll also be looking at other offerings and noting if they should stay or go.  Do you have a favorite item that you've ordered from the kitchen? Let me know,  I'd love to hear from you! Something you'd like me to make and don't see it listed?  Ask me!  I have had a request for a "Champagne Cake" and a "King Cake" so far. Both are items I have never attempted, but am willing to tackle.   Eventually I'll perfect those cake pops, too. 

Enjoy what's left of the last day of January. Make the most of the start of the new (and short) month of February.  Remember to spend time around YOUR kitchen table with those you love. Hang up, log off, and hang out, in the kitchen! 


Gina Michak