Sunday around the kitchen table

Welcome to the kitchen, foodie friends!  It's been a nice weekend of playing catch-up around the house, doing a little food photography, and going through pictures I'm received of my desserts around YOUR kitchen tables! 

Thank you to all who have answered the call to be part of a featured group of "foodie friends" sharing with everyone how much you love "From Gina's Kitchen" and the homemade goodness that comes out of it. 

Originally (see Feb 4 blog post) I was looking for "Friday Foodie Friends".  But I've been thinking. Everyone who takes the time to read my little blog, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, or view my website to see what I'm all about is a "foodie friend".  So even if you haven't had the opportunity to place an order from the kitchen yet,  know I consider you a friend of the kitchen!   So I'm ditching Friday Foodie Friends, before it even started! 

Sundays are traditionally (at least they used to be) a relaxing day spent with family and friends, right?  Church, brunch, lunch, or dinner... maybe a movie, or a winery visit? Dinner at Mom's or Grandma's, football at the neighbors, you get the picture.  I wish I could go back in time to days when that's all families did on Sundays!  We are living in different times for sure. Busy days and even busier weekends.  Family members living in different states, kids off at college, work and commitments leave little family time on Sundays these days. I even started this post mentioning how I spent the weekend playing catch-up! 

I can't bring back simpler days of years past, but I can help people slow down for a few minutes each Sunday to gather around a virtual kitchen table full of friends happy to share their sweet "From Gina's Kitchen" experience though. So on Sundays, I'll "host" a Sunday sit down around the kitchen table and see who visited the kitchen, and what they ordered!

This week around the kitchen table, I'm featuring a princess with a cupcake!  If you saw my post on Facebook a few days ago, you know I'm heading to Walt Disney World  to do the RunDisney Princess 5k on Friday. So, in keeping with my Disney theme this week, I'm excited to share this picture sent to me by my princess friends at Party Princess DMV!  

File Feb 18, 6 37 52 PM.jpeg

My party princess friend loved the vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, which was decorated as a multicolored rose. She said she didn't know I could make a cupcake topped with "the grey stuff" and assured me next time, that's what she'd like to try! Feeling very blessed to know a few princesses and to be able to bake for them. Also blessed to be headed to the most magical place on Earth tomorrow!  

Please follow my trip (aka food pictures of all things Mickey Mouse shaped) on Instagram @fromginaskitchen.  Gonna try to keep posts to a minimum in order to focus on my time there with my college bestie, brother and hubby and kids (when they arrive later in the week). 

Sadly, our first Sunday around the kitchen table is over.  It's time to log off, hang up and hang out- around YOUR kitchen table.

Until next time, 


PS. the small black and white thumbnail pic is of my father's family!  Circa early 1950s. 

Contact to invite a princess to your next event!  She can even deliver cupcakes! 



Gina Michak