Sunday Around the Kitchen Table featuring Firefighter Sam

Happy Sunday, foodie friends!  As promised,  I'm sharing with you a few pictures of  kitchen friends who have enjoyed my desserts at their family celebrations.  They have invited me into their homes to celebrate, and I invite them (and YOU) to my kitchen table each Sunday night to reminisce over happy times. 

Tonight I welcome Firefighter Sam Gorham and his family to the kitchen table.  Sam recently graduated from Prince William County Firefighter Academy, and his parents had a grad party for him, with half a sheet cake and two dozen cupcakes from the kitchen.  Of course, the theme was "Firefighter Sam" and proud dad Earnie took care of ordering the personalized cake topper pictured here on a half of a sheet cake! 

DSC_0003 (1).JPG

The cake was marble with vanilla buttercream.  They also served vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with cute themed toppers.  The cake was so big though,(and AWESOME, so I've been told) that they ended up sending the cupcakes to the firehouse for the guys there to enjoy.  How great that the homemade goodness travelled from my kitchen to others and even blessed local firefighters along the way! 


Congratulations Firefighter Gorham! 

I'd like to thank the Gorham family for their order, and for sharing the abundance they had around their table with firefighters who deserve a huge thanks for their service to the community.  Sending cupcakes to the firehouse is such a small gesture that I'm sure means so much to them all.  Glad I could be part of the special day!

Thanks for joining me around the kitchen table tonight.  I'll be back next week with more stories from the kitchen. Until then, log off, hang up and hang YOUR kitchen! 


Gina Michak