Looking for "Friday Foodie Friends"!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, foodie friends!  I'm sure right now folks everywhere are getting their game faces (and food!) ready for tonight's big game. As I type I have dough rising for homemade pretzel bites!  

Sunday's are always my day to prep for the week, and Super Bowl Sunday is no exception. What makes today easier for me is that my team isn't playing (I bleed black and gold!) so I'm not running around decorating and making enough food to feed the Pittsburgh army I'd be hosting otherwise!  

Back to baking business! I have a few fun orders to get ready for this week including firefighter cupcakes, tri-color swirled wedding cupcakes, and assorted truffles for a lunch reception.  I always take pictures of my creations before they head out the door.  I also ask folks to let me know how everything went at their party or event, and to share with me via email or FB how the cake/cupcakes/cookies were that they ordered.

Well a few weeks ago a friend of mine went above and beyond and sent me a video review of her 5 year old telling me all about his birthday cake!  I posted that video on my FB page on January 24. If you didn't get a chance to view it click here https://www.facebook.com/fromginaskitchen/videos/1953146304902180/

That really warmed my heart, and got me thinking.  I'd love to start a "Friday Foodie Friends" tradition.  Just take a picture for me of whatever I baked for you at your party or event, send it to me and Ill post it to my IG and FB each Friday.  The name isn't set in stone, as I've asked my family what they think I should call it.  "Gina's Foodie Friends", "FGK Foodie Friday" "Gina's Friday Foodies" are a few of the possibilities.  Have a fun name I can call this new kitchen tradition?  Let me know!  

File Jan 25, 2 51 40 PM.jpeg

So, before you dig into the bowl of chili and start snacking on the chips and salsa, go through your phone (or real camera, if you use one!)  and look for any pictures you have of my desserts and how they played a part in a special occasion in your home.  You can send them to me at fromginaskitchen@gmail.com.  

I look forward to showcasing all my foodie friends in the near future! 

Now, go enjoy the Super Bowl and no matter what team you are rooting for,  enjoy time spent with family and friends.  

Hang up/log off, hang out... in the kitchen! 


Gina Michak