The Force is strong around the Michak's kitchen table

Happy Sunday, foodie friends! I’m glad you stopped by because today’s "Sunday around the kitchen table" blog post is near and dear to my heart. You’ll get a glimpse around MY kitchen table as we celebrated my son’s 18th birthday over the weekend.  The Force is strong with this one, lol. 

This past week (and weekend) have been busy in the kitchen.  Several St. Patrick’s Day orders, and 3 birthday celebrations to bake for, including my baby boy’s 18th.

I’m a sucker for birthday parties. Love to attend parties as a guest, host them at my house, and help others plan their special celebrations.  I could spend hours in our local party store picking out themed party items.  I start off with a list of the basics (coordinating plates, napkins, tableware) and almost always come home with things I didn’t know I needed.  Popcorn bowls? Sure, I’ll make popcorn for everyone!  Paper cups? Why not!  Matching colorful utensils? YES! Oh look… this stuff is 50% off!  I needed tiny little themed candles to set on the cake next to the giant number candles I just picked up, lol!

Over the years, I have hosted and planned many themed birthday parties for my kids (and husband!)  Sometimes the theme is centered around a milestone age, a favorite color, sport or movie. LOTS of Disney themed parties at the Michak household over the years, too.  Age truly is just a number over here because no matter how old you are, you are never too old for your favorite movie or Disney character to be the theme of your birthday party.

So, when my son turned 18 on Friday, I made him the Millennium Falcon out of cake! No special pan, no special boards, decorating tips, or templates. I just looked at a lot of Pinterest pins and found a few that gave me ideas on what to do. I was pleased with the result, as was the birthday boy and all his friends. It tasted as good as it looked. Trust me. I know!


I baked his favorite chocolate cake and used Oreo buttercream to cover the pieces. No fondant on this cake, just pure frosting.  I didn’t spend too much time on intricate details, but with the help of my brother Al, I did take the time to make marshmallow stormtroopers, Han Solo, and a chocolate covered Chewbacca.  Those little cuties sat atop mini cupcakes and were a treat for those at the party that didn’t want chocolate.


My son has an amazing group of friends. Love them all to death and was a little sad when I realized this birthday would be the last where they would all be around celebrating together.  Next year at this time they will be off at college, in different schools, states, and with different spring breaks. But one thing will stay the same.  Drew’s friends will always have a place around my kitchen table!

These next few months of his senior year will fly by, and before I know it, we will be celebrating his graduation. Another opportunity to gather around the kitchen table to celebrate.

In the meantime, I’m going to take every opportunity I can to celebrate the big (and small) events in my family’s life.  You should do the same!

Now log off, hang up, hang out…in YOUR kitchen.

Love and blessings for a great week ahead,






Gina Michak