Sunday around the kitchen table with the Pell sisters

It’s another Sunday in the kitchen, foodie friends! Hope your Sunday has been a good one. I know most of us in Virginia are on spring break (or looking forward to it starting later this week).  Hope this time of rest and relaxation brings you opportunities to do fun things with your family and friends.

Speaking of family and friends, this week’s visit is all about long-time family friends and how my kitchen helped them celebrate their March birthdays!

As a mom of three kids, over the years I’ve spent countless hours as a school volunteer. Volunteering was the best way to get involved in my kid’s schools, help their teachers, go on field trips, and meet other parents in the process.  I always knew who my kids were hanging out with, what they were doing, and what homework and projects were due (sometimes before I even picked them up from school, lol) all because I spent a few hours each week helping at school.

For me, the best part of volunteering was meeting new people.  Meeting other moms, (and dads) and helping each other along the way.  You can learn a lot about a person while decorating a classroom bulletin board, chaperoning a field trip with them, or working side by side as a class “room mom”.  That last part is where the Pell family comes into the story.

I met the Pell’s when our now 21 year old’s were in 1st grade. I’ve shared many a good laugh, shoulder to cry on, listening ear, homework help, and carpool with them over the years. Mrs. Pell and I have worked together as “Room Mom” for years. Our beloved golden retrievers have come from the Pell’s.  Our kids have gone to the same college, worked together at Captain Pell’s (the family crab house), and celebrated plenty of birthdays and other holidays together.

This month two of the Pell girls celebrated birthdays, and Mama Pell placed her annual order for both girl’s favorite flavors of cupcakes.   Bianca turned 18 a few days before my son celebrated his 18th, and Hannah celebrated her 17th in between.   March has always been busy for our households.  With our kids having birthdays so close together, I’m guaranteed to remember when they will need their cake/cupcakes, lol!  Since this year we both have high school seniors, June will be busy for both of us as well.

Bianca requested mini red velvets with cream cheese frosting. Check out the fun presentation!


Hannah’s favorite is my Oreo cookies and cream cupcake, which she shared with a few of her long-time friends at a birthday dinner.



It’s been awesome to watch these two young ladies grow through the years. Even more special to see them do so around my kitchen table. The Pell family will always have a place reserved for them in the kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by and spending time reading today's post. 

Until next time, log off, hang up and hang out…in your kitchen.

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Gina Michak