Sunday around the kitchen table... Bunco edition!

It's March already, foodie friends!  A new month in the kitchen, a new opportunity to celebrate life around your kitchen table. Hope you have made the most of these first few days of the month.

Today it's all about the "Ladies of NOVA" bunco night.  That's not their official name, I just came up with it! Those of you who know me know I have a habit of nicknaming people or things close to me.  Looks like it's spilling over to my writing. 

Back to the regularly scheduled blog post!  It was partly Valentine's theme, partly bunco themed.  Sugar cubes decorated to resemble dice, sugar heart sprinkles,  and pink vanilla buttercream topped off vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. 

My good friend Geri was hostess to her monthly neighborhood card playing group and was looking for something different for dessert.  Pinterest to the rescue! After sending me a few pictures, and providing me with the sugar cubes... I was ready to get to decorating!  

I posted a picture a few days ago on Facebook as a teaser to this blog post.  I was very happy about how they turned out but even HAPPIER as to how they were so beautifully displayed that night! 


The ladies loved the flavor options and shared rave reviews with the hostess. Here are a few more pics from the display : 


Bunco night just got a little sweeter! 

Thanks Geri for the order and for inviting my kitchen into yours! 

Although I have never been in a bunco group, my cupcakes can say they have been! So happy to see neighborhood gals making the effort to set aside time for monthly gatherings to play, eat, and relax together. 

Here's to more ladies nights, family days, and good food from the kitchen. Enjoy your Sunday!

Log off, hang up, hang out.. around YOUR kitchen table! 

Lots of love and blessings foodie friends, 


Gina Michak