Easter Sunday around the kitchen table

Happy Easter, foodie friends!  I hope your Easter weekend was spent with loved ones and good food! I know mine was.

This version of “Sunday around the kitchen table” will be brief, due to the holiday and my week getting away from me (but in a good way!)

I had quite a few desserts orders this week, so you can say the kitchen was really “hopping” over spring break, lol! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (and if you aren’t, you should be) you saw my posts of Easter egg cakes and Peep cookies.  In addition, I made lemon truffles, and did some recipe testing and made two versions of key lime tarts.  

When it was time to decide what to make my family for Easter dessert. I had a few ideas, and since I know what my family enjoys I knew I’d have something ready by Sunday, so no worries. Then a friend texted me and asked, “What do you make your family for Easter dessert?”   

Hmmm…. I answered with “well, maybe a coconut cream pie or tiramisu, not sure yet” and she responded with “oh, those sound good so whatever you make can you make two of because I’d like one for my family”.  I stopped and laughed out loud because that truly made my week. No one ever ordered something from me after me just mentioning I was making one for my family. So, this Italian gal put two tiramisus on her to-do list, added one gluten free citrus pound cake with lemon curd (for a family member with gluten allergies) and finished the Easter baking last night around 7.  

I love what I do, and love sharing it with others.   I’ll be excited to hear from everyone who ordered from me this week and discover how my desserts were enjoyed around their kitchen tables.

As for the desserts I made my family and special guests…  homemade gluten free pound is REALLY good, homemade lemon curd is the bomb, and this Italian girl really knows how to make a tiramisu (if I must say so myself)!

Like I said earlier, if you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you should! From Gina’s Kitchen on FB and @fromginaskitchen__ on IG.  Lots of good pictures of what is regularly on the menu in the kitchen.  FYI- tiramisu is, and so is pound cake. Gluten free, not right now. 

Now get back to a relaxing Sunday evening.

Log off, hang up and hang out- in YOUR kitchen.

Love and blessings,






Gina Michak