Sunday around the kitchen table

Happy Sunday, foodie friends!  

I’d like to say hi to my new foodie friends from the farmers market yesterday, and welcome them to the kitchen table. 

SpeedProImagingCentreville is my guest this week around the kitchen table. I had the opportunity to attend their ribbon cutting ceremony  as both a guest and fellow small business owner. I felt the positive vibes among the crowd as we nibbled on delicious food, mingled and had fun on a Thursday afternoon. 

I met SpeedPro's VP of Operations Amy Crescimano at a business networking group a few months ago.   It was great to see her and her team in action at their event. I watched printing demonstrations, toured the facility, and met other small business owners in the community who swapped stories, caught up with old friends, and  exchanged business cards with new ones. 

I also had the chance to meet another foodie who also helped cater the event. Becky (of Becky’s Pixie Kitchen) and we compared notes on the life of a baker and the challenges of small business ownership. We quickly hit it off and recognized we can help one another out in many ways, so expect collaborations in the future between our two kitchens.  My desserts were right next to Becky’s and everyone loved the assortment offered from both of us.

Members of our local chamber of commerce were also in attendance, and I got the chance to not only introduce myself to the chamber, but my desserts to them as well. 



Amy spoke of businesses helping businesses, and small business owners coming together and supporting each other. I felt inspired afterwards seeing first hand how that was taking place around me!

 Thank you , Amy , for your generosity, inspiration and for the opportunity to bake for your event, and to Sophie and Mike for helping me to create and design my new (FREE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH)  signage boards for the kitchen when I’m on the road!  

When you are out shopping, support your local small businesses and shops. We need you, just like we need each other. That goes for your local farm market too. Yes, that’s a shameless plug from me to you- get yourself to the kitchen out in Haymarket soon, please. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, 

Log off, hang up and hang YOUR kitchen! 








Gina Michak