Sunday around the kitchen table

Wow, it's the last Sunday in July, foodie friends! 

Today I'll share a special cake that ends July with a patriotic bang! 


What makes this cake special is that it was baked for a soldier staying at the Haymarket, VA "Serve Our Willing Warriors" retreat center at Bull Run.  Looking to lift your spirits while lifting those of another?  I highly suggest contacting them, and finding an area of need that suits your interests:

No surprise I'm part of the volunteer group "Bake for Warriors" .  You do not have to be a professional!  Just willing to give a little time and talent to bless the life of a soldier and their family while they stay at the center. 

I hope you'll take a few minutes to visit their site and get involved some way. Maybe you can spend a few extra minutes around your kitchen table discussing with your family and friends how you can make it a group effort! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and don't forget to log off, hang up and hang out (on this final July weekend) around YOUR kitchen table.

Blessing on a great end to July, and strong start to August! 



Gina Michak