Wednesday Kitchen Wisdom

Good morning, foodie friends!  

I woke to the sound of rain outside (again) here in Manassas, VA. After my feet hit the floor, my brain registered it was AUGUST 1 already. And I became sad, that the summer has flown by. That school will be starting soon for our kiddos. And that my littlest kiddo is 18 and will begin his college journey in a few weeks (I'm not counting days, though). 

My thoughts have been all over lately... sad, happy, excited, scared... lots of emotions and yes, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster most days. Being a small business owner has it's advantages and disadvantages for sure. It has its exciting times (yippee,  another birthday cake order!), and the stressful times (will my time at this farmer's market pay off?)  I'm also a wife and a mom of three attempting to juggle and balance it all like everyone else.  Each day has it's blessings for sure. So, on this first day of August, I'm going to start looking at the blessings in each day, rather than the worries, the sadness and the stresses.  

I encourage you to do the same! My kitchen wisdom for today is for you to find one blessing in your day and write it down. Reflect on it, and remember it when the day goes by and you hit a bump in the road.  

Today I'll be thankful for the many blessings of folks like YOU reading this little blog post, and encouraging me along my journey.

May your month start on a positive note, and your week be filled with blessings! 

Thanks for reading! 

Now log off, hang up and hang out... in YOUR kitchen.



Gina Michak