Sunday Around the Kitchen Table

Foodie friends, tonight we are celebrating the beginning of "National Farmer's Market Week" around the kitchen table. I'm sure most of you know know by now, farmer's markets are near and dear to my heart. 

I have always loved visiting my local market here in Manassas, VA on Thursdays and Saturdays. The smell of kettle corn, the fresh cut flowers, and tents full of seasonal produce make me happy!  I'm a sucker for the free samples, locally sourced eggs and meats,  and locally roasted as well freshly brewed coffee too. Bonus- I can get everything I need to make a complete meal or two for my family while I'm there. I especially love picking up fresh fruits to make dessert out of!

Shopping locally, eating what's in season, and spending time outside - win win win in my book! 

When I first seriously considered starting my baking business I honestly didn't consider selling at the farmer's markets. I didn't know that many small businesses get their first start at local markets!  It took some convincing from a few fellow foodie friends at Frontier Kitchen to get me to try being a vendor and not a just buyer at one. Boy am I glad I listened! I quickly found out that not only is it fun to shop at a farmer's market, it's also fun to be on the other side of the tent. I truly enjoy meeting customers and answering questions, handing out samples, and talking about everything under the sun from my love of Disney, to my grandmother's biscotti, as well as the story behind that Captain America shield cake on my display board.

 This week (August 5th-12th), as we celebrate "National Farmers Market Week" I encourage you to get out and find your local market. Shop around, talk to the vendors, ask questions about their products, try samples, and have some fun in your community. Pick up a fresh flower bouquet to give as a gift, grab lunch, or the fixings for dinner and dessert from small businesses just starting out. I like to say "go for the produce, but stay for the cookies!"

You can find me celebrating this Thursday at the Exit 40 Haymarket Farmers Market.  Come join me! Fairfax friends, I'll be back on August 14th. 

Have a blessed week!

Now log off, hang up and hang out- at your local farmers market! 





Gina Michak