Current Prices

Prices below are starting prices.  Overall price will be dependent on factors such as design, fillings, and other materials used.  Please note that we request a 2-3 week lead time for cake orders and 1-2 week lead time for cupcake orders.  And arrangements must be made to pick up orders in our kitchen located in Haymarket, Virginia.   Please contact us to receive a free quote or if you have questions.  We look forward to making your next event special.


Cake Prices


Captain America Themed Cake

Unless otherwise noted, all cakes are 2-layer with vanilla or chocolate filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.  Other flavors are available at an additional charge.  Contact us for details.  



  • 6 inch cake - $40 and up (serves 8-12 people)
  • 8 inch cake - $50 and up (serves 12-15 people)
  • 9 inch cake - $60 and up (serves 15-20 people)
  • 10 inch cake - $70 and up (serves 20-25 people)
  • 12 inch cake - $90 and up (serves 30-35 People)


Single-layer Sheet cakes

  • ¼ sheet cake - $80 and up (serves 25-30 people)
  • ½ sheet cake - $110 and up (serves 60-70 people)

Cupcake Prices


All cupcakes are sold by the dozen of the same flavor.  Prices listed are for vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.  Other flavor combinations and mixed flavor variety dozens are available at an additional cost. We also offer themed and specialty cupcakes designed specifically for your event. Contact us for details.

  • Standard Cupcakes - $30 and up
  • Mini Cupcakes - $15 and up
  • Themed and Specialty Cupcakes - $36 and up

Party-To-Go Prices


Unless otherwise noted, all parties include standard cupcakes, paper products, and goodie bags for all attendees.  Please note that you must make arrangements to pick up the party-to-go packages at our Haymarket Location. Centerpieces, delivery, and substutions available for an additional charge.  Contact us for details.

  • Party for 8 - $100 and up
  • Party for 16 -$200 and up

Cookie Prices


Unless otherwise noted, all cookies are sold by the dozen.  Contact us for details and additional cookie flavors.  

  • Glazed Sugar Cookie Cutouts - $24 and up
  • Italian Pizzelle -- $12.99


Specialty Desserts

Unless otherwise noted, all specialty desserts are sold by the dozen.  Some of our specialty desserts can be purchased by the pan for you to cut at home.  Contact us for details and prices. 

  • Truffles 
    • White Chocolate Lemon - $10.99 per dozen
    • Mexican Chocolate Mocha  (with a kick of Cayenne Pepper) - $10.99 per dozen
  • Cookie Bars
    • Chocolate Chip - $10 per dozen
    • Butterscotch -- $12 per dozen
    • Oatmeal -- $12 per dozen
    • Peanut Butter $12 per dozen
  • Lemon Squares/Wedges - $15 per tray (8" x 8", serves 16-32 )
  • Brownies - $12 per dozen
  • Tiramisu -$27 per tray (8" x 8", serves 9-12 people)
  • Tiramisu Cups - $48 per dozen